Sunday, July 31, 2011

"First Days of Learning..." Unit C

To better comprehend the text in Unit C I asked these questions
1) What is the goal of this chapter?
  • To show how you can integrate environment, rules, and procedures to have a smooth and effective learning environment
2) What are some "take-away's" I can use in my own teaching?
  • Sending an email to students & their families before school starts can make students feel welcomed
  • Posting class information outside the door helps students not feel lost
  • Greeting students at the door on the first day is a good way to make them feel welcome
  • Stating my expectations on the first day is important
  • Outlining/scripting can help the first day go smoothly
  • Arranging the seating communicates expectations to students
  • Having an activity ready (e.g. bell ringer) for students when they enter your room helps keep things on track and posting assignments in the same place helps build trust.
  • Starting class with a roll call could be a bad idea--start off with an assignment instead. Take roll on your own time
  • Explaining that broken rules will be followed by consequences, not punishments. 
  • Part of effective management is keeping students on task at all times AND getting them acquainted with the proper procedures. 
  • Having advanced work ready is a good way to prevent wasted off-task time
  • Utilizing a silent-system for getting attention or having the class get quiet looks very useful (e.g. cups, standing books up, signaling with fingers)
  • Handling transitions is very important and giving students a "heads-up" can help this go smoothly
Reflection: I think I've pulled several useful comments from this section and will have to refer back to them as I plan what my class will look like. It's evident to me that classroom management takes a LOT of time and effort to get established, but is well-worth it in the end. Truth be told, management has always been my biggest unknown in education. It's an area where I still lack confidence. 

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