Sunday, July 31, 2011

"First Days of School..." Unit B thoughts

Questions/comments that came up during the reading:

  1. Why are all the quotes on pg 39 from famous men? I don't see any feminine representation
  2. It doesn't sound like the authors on pg 42's "Development" box believe in the growth mindset
  3. I wonder how much the results of the experiments discussed on 41-42 were due to teachers inferring correct answers vs accelerated development taking place (did the teacher influence the learning or just subconsciously slant the results?). 
  4. I wonder if there's anything wrong with dressing in field gear sometime. It would be fun to bring some out-of doors inside
  5. Why do most of the examples in this book seem to come from elementary school teachers?
  6. It can take a lot of effort to maintain a positive outlook and when you get drained it can get harder and harder, potentially drawing out that "shadow persona" who feels pessimistic and spiteful. I wonder what tips the authors would give for refilling this energy store and getting in good habits of mind.
  7. Who are the intended readers of this book? 
Questions 3, 6, and 7 are still unanswered by the end of the chapter, but they kept me thinking about the material. I wish I knew who the audience was though because this book sometimes feels like an over-grown "feel-good" pamphlet. I think the materials and messages are valuable, but they've been drilled into my head so many times that when I start to read something warm-hearted I want to start dabbling in dark humor so I don't keep rolling my eyes.

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